Latest News

  • The Johnny project is participating in an initiative to provide a new form of pedagogy to teach programming concepts. This will be further extended towards teaching teaching secure coding practices. Read our paper here: Teaching the Art of Computer Programming at a Distance by Generating Dialogues using Deep Neural Networks (2019) (
  • The Johnny project was introduced at an Institute of Coding’s Cyber security workshop on 28th Feb, 2019 held at The Open University. Many SMEs and the wider community attended.
  • Marian Petre ran a number of ‘Talking Design’ workshops on expert practices in software design at the Mozilla Foundation: in Mountain View, California, USA in May 2018, and in Toronto, Canada in January 2018.
  • Read our paper on using cryptography APIs securely : Safe Cryptography for All: Towards Visual Metaphor Driven Cryptography Building Blocks.
  • Johnny Project is introduced to RISCS Community.